Critical Valves, Ammonia Plant Operations and Solar Substation Courses Coming Soon

At TTP we are always working on producing new content. In the next couple months we anticipate adding the following courses to our off-the-shelf Course Catalog.

Solar Substation Operation

This course will cover the operation of a solar substation in a series of seven modules Site Overview, PV Panel and Combiner Box, Sun Light and Tracking, Inverter, Switchyard and TF, Capacitor and Reactor Banks and Fault Protection,

Ammonia Plant Operations

This course will cover primary reforming. secondary reforming and elements of the ammonia production process including UAN and UREA Synthesis.

Critical Valves for Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines

This course covers critical valves at a combined cycle power plant in a series of eight modules: Overview, Steam Header Isolation Valves, Attemperators and Desuperheaters, Bypass Valves, Steam Turbine Stop and Control Valves, Steam Turbine LP Valves, Cold Reheat Valves, and Combustion Turbine Fuel Pre-Mix Valves.