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Our Experience

Sharing hundreds of years of collective staff experience.

TTP’s suite of integrated services and customizable training solutions are the product of our expert staff and based on our state-of-the-art 3D visualizations.

Whether it’s in a computer-based training module, printed training manual or part of an on-site instructor led course, our materials integrate seamlessly with each other–and your specific equipment–reducing knowledge transfer time and increasing learner retention.

Training Strategy & Gap Analysis

  • Employee Progression Planning
  • Job Task and Gap Analysis
  • Assessment/Evaluation Development

TTP is not just a content provider. We are your training partner. Not sure where to start? Experiencing an influx of new talent and not sure how much they know (or don’t know)? Wondering how to integrate your different training programs? We can help you answer these questions and so much more to help you better understand where you’re at, what you need and how to keep your plant running safely and efficiently.

Off-the-Shelf Integrated 3D Training Programs

  • Computer-Based Training (TTP LMS or Self-Hosted)
  • Instructor-Led Training (Virtual or In-Person)
  • Blended Learning Training (Combine CBT and ILT)

TTP’s off-the-shelf training solutions are user-friendly and engaging presentations of complex technical information. Our state-of-the-art 3D equipment animations and models, the basis of all our training materials, reduce knowledge-transfer time and increase learn retention. From our self-paced computer-based training module to in-person, instructor-led courses, we clearly illustrate equipment design and system flowpaths for power generation, oil and gas, water production, wastewater, and chemical manufacturing equipment and operations. All off-the-shelf training can be customized.

3D Equipment Rendering, Modeling, & Animation

  • High-Resolution Illustrations
  • Detailed 3D Models & Animations
  • Interactive Videos & Tools

From visualizing the flowpaths of a gas turbine to breaking down the step-by-step procedure for disassembling a valve actuator or coal pulverizer, our 3D models are unparalleled. We have thousands of renderings and designs in our existing suite that can be used off-the-shelf or customized to your equipment and specifications. If we don’t have it yet, we can make it!

Materials & Asset Development

  • System Descriptions
  • Operating Procedures
  • Instructor and Student Manuals
  • Qualifications Programs

Whether you need system descriptions, operating procedures, or training manuals, TTP has you covered. We can work with you to update your existing materials or develop everything you need from scratch. We integrate our engaging 3D visuals whenever appropriate and customize materials to meet the exact specifications of your equipment, processes, plant, staffing structure, and/or any other site-specific needs.

Custom Packages & Solutions

  • Site-Specific Computer-Based Training Programs
  • Fully Customized Instructor-Led Training
  • Tailor-Made Materials & Assets

We truly shine when it comes to customizing our services and training solutions to fit your exact needs. No matter how big or small, we can develop the perfect solution for your plant operations, equipment and employee needs all designed within your budget.

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