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TTP has been setting the industry standard for quality and innovation in training and operations with award-winning 3D visuals and integrated training solutions since 2003.

Unparalleled Industry Knowledge

Nearly every member of our team of subject matter experts has 25+ years of industry experience ranging from operating a nuclear submarine in the United States Navy to managing plants and equipment for some of America’s largest power generation companies.

Their decades of hands-on, real-world knowledge makes our training the best in the business because they truly understand what it’s like to be the learner, the operator, the manager and the trainer.

State-of-the-Art Animation & Design Skills

At TTP we pride ourselves on the quality and detail of our 3D animations and designs made possible by our amazing animators and designers.

The team behind our renderings is a group of incredibly talented technical artists with an astounding attention to detail.

Adapting to a Changing Industry

The power industry is changing and so is TTP. Whether it’s the expanding renewables market, transition to Remote Operation Control Centers (ROCCs) or understanding the new technical industry employee, we are ready.

We are updating our training materials to reflect the latest technology for what’s happening across the industry, as well as to create even more engaging materials to reduce knowledge transfer time in a world of short attention spans and distractions.

About TTP

Meet the Team

Blake Uhlenhake

Chief Operating Officer

Ken Daycock

VP, Business Development

Ruben Garcia

VP, Technical Development

Kristin Lock

Director, Marketing & Communications

Jake Jackson

Project Manager

Jim Tavernetti

Animation Manager

Kristen Clements

Animation Manager

Patrick Foster

LMS Manager

Scott Lock

Technical Development Manager

Beyond our Team

TTP also works with nearly a dozen highly skilled external consultants and industry-specific subject matter experts to support marketing, design, animation, operations, training development and more. 


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