Technical Skills Training


Off-the-shelf or customized training to meet your needs.


Beyond technical skills training.

TTP’s training courses are based on state-of-the-art 3D visualizations engaging learners in ways traditional training materials simply cannot.

Whether it’s in a computer-based training module, printed training manual or part of an on-site instructor led course, our materials integrate seamlessly with each other–and your specific equipment–reducing knowledge transfer time and increasing learner retention.

Off-the-Shelf Training

  • Pre-Packaged Courses and Modules
  • Available by Industry, Plant, Equipment and/or Topic
  • Select Courses Include Assessments

TTP offers a variety of off-the-shelf training packages featuring our most popular training courses and modules ready for your immediate implementation and use. Our off-the-shelf options include computer-based, instructor-led and blending learning (CBT and ILT combined) training courses, as well as supportive learner and instructor materials. This integrated approach provides an immersive, consistent experience for learners and instructors alike.

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Custom Training Solutions

  • Site-Specific Computer-Based Training Programs
  • Fully Customized Instructor-Led Training
  • Custom Materials & Assets

We are not just a content provider. We are your training solutions partner, and we shine when it comes to customizing our services and training solutions to fit your exact needs. Our award-winning 3D training solutions offer a visual presentation of the intricate internal components and operation of power plant equipment not available anywhere else. No matter how big or small, we can develop the perfect solution for your plant operations, equipment and employee needs all designed within your budget.

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How We Train

Computer-Based Training (CBT)

Computer-based training–also referred to as e-learning, online or virtual training–is an incredibly effective and cost-conscious means of training. This is especially true for our CBT courses which feature our robust state-of-the-art 3D equipment animations and models of equipment large and small including gas and steam turbines, HRSG’s, generators and more.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Though CBT is great, learning directly from an experienced and knowledgeable instructor is the most effective way to ensure knowledge transfer and engage learners. TTP instructors have decades of industry experience that allows them to go beyond the curriculum and impart real-world knowledge to learners.

Blended Learning Training

Why choose CBT or ILT when you can have both? Combining these two means of training provides continuity and consistency for learners. The two methods reinforce one another and allow you to meet learners where they are at.

Print Materials & Supportive Assets

Whether you need system descriptions, operating procedures, or training manuals, TTP has you covered. We can work with you to update your existing materials or develop everything you need from scratch.

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